February 23, 2013

Cognitive Development Project with Farmers’ Children in Pre-School in Kano state


In its effort to improve the wellbeing of Farmers and their families WOFAN embarks on a joint educational programme with the communities to promote Early Childhood Development and also to provide safe learning environment to retain girl child and those with difficult situations in schools.

Concept 1: WOFAN approach

Young children during the preschool years (0-5yrs are engaged in various educational plays that encourage and allow them to solve problems using some internal reflection.

They can now think about objects or people that are not present, and can reflect upon things they cannot see, hear, touch, or act upon.

They can imagine objects or people and represent them in make-believe, and can contemplate future events and recall past ones. 

Concept 2: WOFAN pre-School Teachers and caregivers provide preschoolers with problem-solving activities in classrooms eg Puzzles, simple scientific experiments, quantifying and counting games, blocks, and cooking are examples of learning experiences that enhance the children’s cognitive development.

Teachers and caregivers create elaborate dramatic play centers in classrooms. These should include realistic and nonrealistic props that allow children to play out real experiences in their lives. Typical home-related play materials such as dolls, toy dishes, and mud  toys/ materials  are important.

Concept 3: WOFAN.  caregivers are encouraged to  ask distancing questions—on objects, or events that are not immediately present. Concrete experiences that help children think about the long ago or far away are useful. For example, showing children tools / equipment/ technology used long ago and those of modern days and how they are used in other cultures – these help the children  to begin to think in historic and global perspectives.

Concept 4: All learning experiences of the preschoolers involve playing with and using the senses.  Children are encouraged to touch, examine, and experiment with concrete objects in order to learn. 

Play time with Farmers Children in school in Kano state.