Food and Nutrition security training of the UNDP-GEF funded project

At the ” Food and Nutrition security” training of the UNDP-GEF funded project , where the use of Nutrition Monitoring Wheel to 350 extension agents and health workers , expected to step down in 350 communities, spread across 7 states of Nigeria was launched.

The Nutrition Monitoring Wheel, popularly called “Growth Monitoring wheel”(GMW), uses the WHO standard to capture data measuring “height for age” and “weight for age”, for under 5 years old, so as to identify various degrees of Malnutrition in children that can be classified into STUNTED, WASTING, MILD or SEVERE cases and then referral is made accordingly to the respective health centers. Nutritional status of ALL, especially of the less privileged, displayed and generally poor and displaced families is an important target of the “SDG 2” and a priority for the UNDP- GEF- FS PROJECT in Nigeria.

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