Groundnut Recipe Manual launched to tackle Malnutrition in Nigeria

Malnutrition is at the forefront in destruction in sub Saharan African while the solution is at our doorstep. in our journey to meeting the SDG 2 of zero hunger and addressing malnutrition by 2030, WOFAN, ICRISAT, ADPs and various NGOS and enterprises launched the “groundnut smart recipe manual” in a Train the Trainer (TOT) and demonstration of various groundnut based products workshop.

Products such as groundnut jollof rice, grountnut moimoi, groundnut pie, groundnut bread, groundnut cake including cakes for celebrations like for wedding and birthdays, dressed with groundnut peanuts coatings and most importantly groundnut- rice milk shake were demonstrated and displayed.
Join us to step down the training as we step down malnutrition globally.

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