What We Do

WOFAN pursues several core activity areas in support of its mission statement, goal, and objectives. These core areas include:

Training target groups across a wide range of subject matters, including leadership development, advocacy, business management, agriculture, value chain and food processing.
Facilitation of group formation by smallholder farmers/entrepreneurs and the vulnerable and voiceless to create sustainable socioeconomic networks for strength and support.
Facilitation of sustainable linkages to markets and financial opportunities for the formed groups
Promotion of improved family nutrition and food preservation
Promotion of water, energy, and soil conservation
Sustainable environment and climate change adaptation
Sourcing and promotion of improved agricultural technologies, including ICT and financial inclusion.
Environmental health awareness and risk management
Childcare development and human rights around agricultural and environmental issues
Civic education and speak out forum to drive self-realization and self-esteem.

Our Strategy

The organization’s values are focused on poverty reduction strategies in a responsive and participatory manner as well as functional literacy /capacity building process towards achieving enhanced livelihoods, health, and governance, with capacity development as a cross-cutting issue.


Being sensitive and committed to reduce all forms of unawareness, discrimination with focus on the poor family economic and nutrition security for the disadvantaged and less privileged.

Participatory processes

Having faith in people’s capacities and their institutions and building on such capacities for their own development.


Accountability with transparency.


Developing synergies through networking, Team work and striving for quality, innovation, diversity and striving for success and quality with all sectors of relevant stakeholders ranging from private sectors, public, community and agencies..

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