WOFAN attends side-event at global conference on climate change organised by WfWP

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WOFAN attends side-event at global conference on climate change organised by WfWP

 On Tuesday 2 November, from 13.00 to 15.00 hours, Women for Water Partnership (WfWP) organizes a side-event on the 2010 global conference on Agriculture, Food Security and Climate Change

 (AFC conference). In this side-event WfWP members share with participants the experience and knowledge of women facing problems in water management and food security due to the effects of the climate change.

The aim of the AFC conference is to develop a roadmap with concrete actions linking agriculture-related investments, policies and measures, to the transition to lower carbon-emitting climate resilient growth. The Women for Water Partnership side-event “There’s a hole in the bucket…” shows just how policy can be put into practice.


The Women for Water Partnership members involved in the organization of the side-event are KWDT, NVB, WOFAN, NetWwater, Earth Forever and 4VO. Women from Africa, Asia and Latin America & the Caribbean present a realistic case that applies to millions of people around the world. Through an interactive multi-stakeholder debate we start building the chain of interventions leading to an integrated approach, effectively plugging the “hole in the bucket”.

The AFC conference takes place from 31 October to 5 November in the Hague, The Netherlands. It is organized by the the Government of the Netherlands, in close cooperation with the Governments of Ethiopia, Mexico, New Zealand, Norway, Vietnam, the World Bank and the FAO.


refererence http://womenforwater.org/openbaar/index.php

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