WOFAN Commits to Nigeria’s Zero Hunger Initiative

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WOFAN Commits to Nigeria’s Zero Hunger Initiative

WOFAN is now a member of the Nigeria Zero Hunger Initiative, with a firm commitment to working with relevant stakeholders to ensure Nigeria achieves zero hunger, the second goal of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), before 2030.

At the inauguration of Nigeria’s Zero Hunger Initiative in April, 2016 at the International Institute of Tropical Agriculture (IITA) Headquarters in Ibadan, Nigeria, former President of Nigeria, Chief Olusegun Obasanjo, who is also the convener of the initiative, called for collective change of mind from all Nigerians, insisting that “a multi-stakeholder and multi-dimensional approach is highly desirable to achieve the goal of a zero hunger nation by 2025 ahead of the 2030 deadline given by the United Nations.” (allafrica.com)

Working committees have been set up by the Initiative to develop a roadmap for the country so that Nigeria can attain the second SDG and “end chronic hunger, malnutrition and food insecurity.” Membership of the committees includes State Governors, International and Community-based organizations, farmers and the organized private sector. 

The Executive Director of WOFAN, Hajia Salamatu Garba is a member of one of the working committees. And, since joining the initiative in April, WOFAN has been actively involved in all meetings and activities aimed at achieving the objectives of the initiative.

WOFAN is also contributing practically to the realization of the objectives of the initiative by stepping up Good Agricultural Practices (GAP) training for rice and groundnut producers and linking them with inputs suppliers so that they can increase productivity and raise food security.

The organization is also training and supporting women processors to improve rice parboiling and groundnut oil extraction techniques to increase quality and quantity of output for better income and food security.

And, whole families are being trained and supported to improve utilization of target crops and family nutrition.

These interventions are increasing quality and quantity of farm yields as well as motivating more male and female farmers to produce rice and groundnut as well as process them and add value, thereby contributing to the roadmap to zero hunger in Nigeria.zero hunger meetingzero hunger meeting

zero hunger meeting

Former president Obasanjo and Minister of Agric chaired the zero hunger strategic meeting in Abuja, Nigeria.

zero hunger meeting

zero hunger meeting

zero hunger meetingzero hunger meetingzero hunger meetingzero hunger meetingzero hunger meeting

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