WOFAN Empowers Rural Women in Kano and Katsina states

Women Empowerment

WOFAN Empowers Rural Women in Kano and Katsina states

Expanded  project on hands on Technology training to 50 women cooperatives in Kano and Katsina state of Nigeria- Jan- Feb 2013.

 As a scale to improving the well being of rural women and community youths and motivating them through economic and political empowerment to address issues that affect them,


WOFANs Objectives are:

  •                Reach out to rural communities and provide a forum for them to express themselves and shall encourage them to form commodity groups to ensure adequate access to agricultural facilities, information on marketing including access to credit.
  •                Introduce labour saving technologies to better support agricultural production and processing as well as  encourage networking within  and between local groups for self reliance and peoples development.
  •                Facilitate and encourage community members to take decision on issues  affecting their well-being and assist them in drawing up action plans and participate in project interventions in their communities.
  •               Provide service to communities in the area of health, literacy programs, childcare development, social mobilization, advocacy and promotion of unity within the society at large.


To meet the goals and objective of the organization cooperatives of women and youths are shaping their activities towards stepping into self reliance and confidence in managing their own development.


 WOFAN  cooperative groups meet  on weekly basis to share and distribute materials for their daily income generation  activities. Credit inkind/ materials are provided to the women groups, who in turn process and pay off their loans and profit is added to capital for their business management.


Training of Trainers at the senatorial level in the use of simple fabricated equipment for groundnut oil extraction project of rural women in Kano state. Trained women networks replicate  use of technology at  community level


Delivering improved technology, locally fabricated by community youths to enhance production of women and improve income and self esteem of the rural women. Women are particularly grateful that their own community youths are involved in bringing  technology to reduce the drudgery of traditional farming and processing techniques.

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