WOFAN/ ICRISAT JOINT GROUNDNUT VALUE CHAIN PROJECT has scaled women farmers to Managers of their own businesses

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WOFAN/ ICRISAT JOINT GROUNDNUT VALUE CHAIN PROJECT has scaled women farmers to Managers of their own businesses

Women Farmers Advancement Network (WOFAN) was established in 1993 as a non-religious, non-political not-for-profit NGO and was incorporated with the Kano State government as a Community Development Association in 1995 and the corporate affairs commission in 1998.

From its headquarters in Kano, WOFAN works with about 1500 functional community groups in  4 states of Nigeria namely: Katsina, Sokoto, Kano and Bauchi in 24  Local Government Areas. Each group is made up of 20- 25 women and presently project cuts across boarding Niger Republic in Zinder and Maradi states.

WOFAN aims for self-reliance of local communities through women’s empowerment and gender inclusive projects that are developed and implemented by the communities themselves. Water and food security are main themes of the organisation.


Improved Agricultural Value Chain System  groundnut, sorghum and cowpea in Kano State

WOFAN has partnered with International Crops Research Institute for the Semi-Arid Tropics (ICRISAT) in a two-year project on climate resilient agriculture. The project addressed all aspects of the value chain, from seed multiplication, agronomy of all the crops and improved processing and  preservation methods to value addition to packaging and storage as well as opening up of  market outlets and  business management skills of women and youth farmers in Northern Nigeria. Initially, WOFAN has trained 25 women from Dawakin Kudu who serve as the contact/ Lead Women farmers and each of the 25 women has 50 other women in their micro plots as their group members thereby reaching a total of 1250 beneficiaries in the replication of the project with other groups across the state to help the women optimize output on their respective farms.

.In order to replicate lessons learnt from the WOFAN demonstration farm, participants received 2 Kg each of the new variety of sorghum, groundnut and cowpea seeds which has been tested by ICRISAT for 15 years to drought resistant, high yielding and can be grown three times in a year including dry season. The women were trained in seed dressing and have harvested a total of 240 bags of groundnut from their own demonstration farm of about  8 hectares farm which they used to replicate the on- farm training they received from WOFAN and ICRISAT Team.



WOFAN has come up with a popular weekly 30 minutes   radio programme where women’s’ voices are recorded and aired to call for the translation of election promises and as an advocacy tool to enhance the business environment for women to open up their market needs and gain self confidence and recognition.


Women groups recording a radio spot on barriers to women scaling up their farming business in Dawakin Kudu Kano state Nigeria 

Many of these women  are now achieving  greater autonomy and independence and this  has  led to new employment opportunities even though they still face challenges of using traditional methods in processing and packaging  while  energy efficient stoves are still big issues and beyond their reach


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