WOFAN & IITA-Kano collaborate to disseminate improved variety

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WOFAN & IITA-Kano collaborate to disseminate improved variety

 WOFAN & IITA-Kano collaborate to disseminate improved variety cowpea and soyabeans among rural farmers in Kano and Katsina States of Nigeria

 In a bid to improve income and to better the livelihoods of rural women and peasant farmers in Northern Nigeria, WOFAN have sensitized and encouraged rural community members to form commodity groups/ cooperatives in order to address issues that affect their well being and scaling from subsistence farming to a more sustainable income generating activity.

 WOFAN  in collaboration with IITA (International Institute of Tropical Agriculture- Kano office) have  trained 120  members of the women farmers  groups on groundnut and cowpea production under strip cropping in its demonstration farm located at Dawakin Kudu LGA of Kano State.

 During the training, the women were enlightened on the various advantages of production under strip cropping over that of traditional inter cropping system. Strip cropping has some advantages such as sole crop practices (fertilizer application, pest and diseases management) and adequate sunlight which are factors for yield improvement.

At the end of the training WOFAN made provision of improved varieties of Cowpea and groundnut seeds varieties which includes IT93k-452-1, IT277 and SAMNUT-22, SAMNUT-10 which are high yielding and drought tolerant to the women farmers that is currently being adopted within the farmers community in 4 LGAs of Kano state.

In collaboration with IITA, WOFAN also trained 12 women groups in Kano and Katsina States on processing of Cowpea and Soybeans into nutritious household foods such as Soybean milk, Soybean pap, Soybean scramble, Soybean cake, Soybean soup, Baby food, and a variety of cowpea foods.

Women and youth groups have adopted most of the project, thereby generating daily income, opened up market outlets and developed strategies of monitoring market prices such as to maximize their profits and reduce the activities of the middlemen.Women groups also package baby foods from soybeans products as well as package cowpea seeds for seed multiplication.

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