WOFAN marks 2014 World Water Day by distributing 56 hand-pump repair tools to 18 LGAs in Kano and Bauchi state

Water and Sanitation

WOFAN marks 2014 World Water Day by distributing 56 hand-pump repair tools to 18 LGAs in Kano and Bauchi state

Considering the fact that clean water is a luxury that remains out of the reach of many especially in rural areas and going by the  2014 world water day theme ”water and Energy” WOFAN, used the occasion

 to distribute  hand pump repair tools to women and youth groups trained by the organization to enhance maintenance and sustain  skills in the communities.

Most of the rain water we get are left to run off without harvesting them or diverting them for agricultural purposes or preserved for our large number livestock when the rains are over.  This leads to scarcity that desperately results to farmers and Fulani clashes in some communities says a representative of the women groups.

In another development the Executive Director- WOFAN, Hajia Salamatu Garba stated that most of our electricity projects depend on water availability but very little attention is paid to water conservation and harvesting while management of our water sources like borehole production is weakened by lack of skilled men and women including insufficient availability of spare parts for the maintenance of handpump boreholes . Where these parts are available middle men or excessive government taxes make them unaffordable to the common man as such it further makes water a very scarce commodity instead of a basic right to the common man!!

Environmental health club members gave hygiene songs and messages to parents and children out of school

In the same vein ladies and gentle men, very little attention is paid to the training of women and water vendors on improved hygiene practices as well as recognizing them as important stakeholders in the water sector. It is therefore time for an awakening call to hit the nail on the head and provide resources where needed by extending economic and educational empowerment to the forgotten sectors like the water vendors, truck pushers, women and the water spare parts dealers to increase access to safe drinking water and its maintenance and reduce the burden and pressure on our women and children who desperately search of water on a daily basis.

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