WOFAN supports 1000 parents and Caregivers of 4000 Orphans in GWARZO LGA of Kano state

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WOFAN supports 1000 parents and Caregivers of 4000 Orphans in GWARZO LGA of Kano state

WOFAN/ STEER project and ICRISAT supported 1000 Orphans caregivers with agricultural input and fertilizer to increase productivity, income and family nutrition of 4000 orphans in 10 communities of GWARZO LGA in Kano State.

WOFAN is partnering with the Save the Children- Nigeria project on a project tagged STEER project. The objective of this project is to enhance the living condition of 1000 caregivers supporting 4000 orphans to increase their income and subsequently support the basis needs of their orphans through quality education, nutrition, and access to other basic needs of like

One of the major breakthrough of this project was partnership with an International agricultural research institution- ICRISAT to access improved seeds prioritized in the caregivers value chain classification, train them on the technology and methods of cultivation and assist them access timely supply of fertilizer- by so doing these farmers/ caregivers can get maximum benefits from their farms and subsequently improve food security

ICRISED has supported this project with distribution of  Improved varieties of Groundnut – (SAMNUT 23 & 24) and Sorghum (ICSV and CSR)  reaching 1000 farmers while WOFAN has also supported with 1000 bags of fertilizer NPK 15:15:15 packed in 10 Kg bags for each farmers plot in the 10 targeted project communities to further enhance and  scale-up of their agricultural production thereby increasing agricultural productivity of the caregivers and subsequently at harvest increase their income and livelihood of their family.

The fertilizer is a contribution and support to the STEER  project by WOFAN to compliment support to the caregivers- This has added value as there  was a timely distribution of farm input, access to fertiliser as the beginning of the rainy season without the usual delay experienced by farmers and their inability to even purchase the products.

Three weeks after distribution of inputs and planting by the farmers, a monitoring visit to farmers’ farms shows positive results and yields blossoming. One of the beneficiaries of this project, Mallam Umar Gwarzo, happily applauded the gesture and support saying that “With this support we will have maximum gains from our  farm plots and  ultimately this will lead to increased income, nutrition and more support given to the basic needs of our vulnerable children” –  Another beneficiary from Riji, Mallam Yau, stated that, “We can sustain ourselves, expand our farm plots and therefore will move out of abject poverty”

ICRISAT Country Director and Hajia Salamatu Garba, ED WOFAN paid Advocacy visit to the Traditional District Head of Gwarzo LGA, HRH Alhaji Kabir Ado Bayero to solicit fatherly advice on STEER project activities while the Traditional District Head of Gwarzo LGA, HRH Alhaji Kabir Ado Bayero, in return solicited the expansion of STEER support to the entire 22 communities in this domain. An outcome of this request from the District head led to the distribution of input from ICRISAT to the 12 communities not targeted in the pilot phase of STEER communities in Gwarzo LG. This brings access to input to the entire 22 communities of GWARZO LGA.


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wofan support 1000 parents in gwarzowofan support 1000 parents in gwarzo

wofan support 1000 parents in gwarzowofan support 1000 parents in gwarzo

Access to input of 1000 Bags of Maize and NPK 15:15:15 Fertilizer( 10 kg each) to Caregivers to Scale Up Agricultural Produce Production among Caregivers Households distributed to caregiver farmers in partnership with ICRISAT – ED WOFAN with community leaders and care givers

wofan support 1000 parents in gwarzowofan support 1000 parents in gwarzo


Follow up to male caregivers farmers field by WOFAN Team and volunteers  on their input of g/nut and fertilizer they received from ICRISAT three weeks after they planted- increased agric production and yield are expected by caregivers as seen and testified by the happy care givers


wofan support 1000 parents in gwarzo

Advocacy to District Head and Barde Kerariya  of Kano Alhaji Kabiru Ado Bayero and Hakimi of Gwarzo

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