WOFAN TRAINED female Community Member: Facilitates Hand Pump Repair Training in Bauchi STATE

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WOFAN TRAINED female Community Member: Facilitates Hand Pump Repair Training in Bauchi STATE

Gender mainstreaming, which has been built into the Water ,Sanitation and Hygiene (WASH) Project to ensure sustainability, recorded a major success story in Bauchi State recently

 when  one of the WOFAN trained  female community member facilitated  a step-down training to repair  a non- functioning and faulty hand pump  borehole in Hardawa West Primary School, Misau LGA of Bauchi state- Nigeria.

 The female community member, Hajia Asabe Sabo, who hails from Hardawa  had been trained, along with other women and their male counterparts, by WOFAN on hand pump maintenance and repair in 2012  and  her community has also received handpump repair tools to sustain their boreholes. Hardawa community have formed a strong water users association that will ensure the functionality of all the boreholes in their communities and allowing women to partake in their development issues

Step-down and refresher training sessions are regularly organized by WOFAN at community level to refresh the skills acquired by community members and to rehabilitate faulty boreholes that have developed minor problems in the communities.  As is mostly experienced in most cases communities stay several months without water due to minor faults on their boreholes and water points.


With the skills of handpump repair passed to community youths and women, more boreholes are now becoming functional and access to safe drinking water is getting closer to the community.

 In order to share skills with more community youths and women Hajia Asabe under the supervision of WOFAN and the Bauchi state Rural water supply agency  representative  gave a  firsthand ,  hand pump repair training  during a visit to a faulty borehole at Hardawa West Primary School in Misau LGA of Bauchi State.

Hajia Asabe confidently stepped forward to facilitate the training, assuring all that Women if given the right skills can impact positively on important issues that touch the lives of the general populace

She gave all the trainees the names of tools and parts, while explaining the uses of the tools and the types of faults participants may encounter. As she explained, she also gave practical demonstration of repairs to the pleasant surprise of community members. Her methods were so effective that at the end of the training session, the trainees were able to repair the faulty water point in the school.

 All the participants present praised Hajia Asabe’s acumen. They also concurred that she had proved that women have a critical role to play in the maintenance of the water points and other aspects of life in the community. In his remarks, the team leader of WOFAN WASH project in Bauchi- echoed the laudable plans of WOFAN to continue to build the capacity and confidence of community members to take part in addressing issues that affect their well being. 

 Hajia Asabe’s skills will no doubt continue to ensure that the water point in Hardawa remains functional even if the men are too busy in the farm to attend to it. She, like other women participating in the WASH Project, has become an important part of the project and a success story for gender mainstreaming.

Showing them again... Hajia Asabe facilitating hand pump repair training at kadawa

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